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MDU calls for abolition of warnings in GMC cases

MDU calls for abolition of warnings in GMC cases The Medical Defence Union (MDU) has called on the General Medical Council (GMC) to abolish the warnings its issues to doctors who have departed from GMC guidance.

Health and social care leaders set out plans to transform people’s health and improve services using technology

Radical new plans to improve health outcomes and the quality of patient care through digital technology and innovation have been unveiled by national health and social care organisations today.

Imposed FGM exams would harm doctor-patient relationship

Doctors have called for greater clarity on new measures proposed to tackle FGM (female genital mutilation).

National Summit calls for 'rollback' of antibiotic prescribing

At a summit last week in London, GPs, hospital doctors, nurses and pharmacists are calling for binding national “rollback” targets on antibiotic prescribing to halt the relentless rise in antibiotic resistance.
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